die neue MY 700 Serie

Whether your factory faces increasing cost pressures, shorter production series or higher quality standards, the MY700 stands out as the most e?cient solution for tomorrow’s electronics production. With optimal solder joints for every component, pad and package. And high-precision assembly fluid dispensing at the industry’s
highest speeds.

The new MYPro series makes it possible to do more than ever before
within a 40% smaller footprint than previous generations. Mount
any component on any board. Handle any batch or series with zero
changeover times. And jet solder paste and adhesives with high precision
at record speeds. Simply put, it’s the smartest way to boost quality
and utilization across a vast range of challenging applications.

1. More capabilities in less factory space
2. More process steps with less equipment
3. Handle a wider range of products and components
4. Less manual operation
5. Achieve higher real speed and utilization